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  • Basic rules for adhering to the Maggi diet, permitted and prohibited foods, an example of a menu for 4 weeks. Contraindications and weight loss results.
    8 January 2022
  • Options for a kefir diet for weight loss, basic principles of compliance with examples of the menu. Contraindications
    4 January 2022
  • What is a drinking diet and how to follow it correctly. Pros and cons, examples of menus for 3, 7 and 10 days. The correct way out of the drinking diet for weight loss.
    4 January 2021
  • Buckwheat diet for weight loss: benefits and harms, nutritional rules. Buckwheat diet options, porridge recipes, menu examples and exit rules. Contraindications to mono-diet compliance and possible side effects.
    3 January 2021