Kefir diet

Today, the kefir diet for weight loss is gaining more and more popularity. It allows you to effectively get rid of extra pounds. The main product that the woman of fashion will have to use during the entire period of losing weight is kefir. It is considered one of the healthiest fermented milk products. Obtained as a result of fermentation of cow's milk, the product contains a whole list of beneficial fungi that help to improve intestinal function.

kefir for weight loss

The product has a white color and a uniform consistency. Using kefir, the girl will saturate the body with the necessary substances and improve the appearance of the skin, which will look much younger. The product is also useful for losing weight. Many diets include it in the daily diet. To lose weight, you need to eat right. Experts have developed a whole list of tips that must be followed during a kefir diet. You shouldn't go hungry for weight loss. It should be borne in mind that the results must not only be achieved, but also maintained. The kefir diet has a number of contraindications. You need to familiarize yourself with their list before the girl starts body shaping. We will talk further about the peculiarities of the kefir diet, about recipes that allow you to reduce weight, the rules for observing the body shaping scheme and contraindications.

The principles of losing weight on kefir

Today there are many forms of dietary nutrition, which are based on the use of kefir. Choosing a suitable diet for herself, depending on taste preferences, a fashionista will be able to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds. A variety of ways to reduce weight on kefir allows women of fashion to choose the scheme of body shaping that suits her taste preferences. Having decided to lose weight, the girl should familiarize herself with the basic principles of such a dietary diet.

The method of losing weight is based on the following concepts:

  • Eating low-fat kefir. Not every product is suitable for body shaping. If a girl wants to lose weight, you need to drink kefir, the fat content of which does not exceed 1. 5%.
  • The diet and time of body shaping must be strictly observed. It should be remembered that the kefir diet is a mono-diet. If you stick to it for too long, the fashionista runs the risk of harming the body. Therefore, the duration of weight loss should not exceed more than 3 days. It is allowed to repeat the kefir diet no earlier than after 3 months.
  • You need to leave the diet in stages. You cannot immediately return to familiar products. This will lead to the return of extra pounds along with food. Gradually, you need to introduce familiar products into the diet and reduce the dose of kefir.

Fasting days on kefir

During them, you will need to give up salt and sugar. Spending fasting days, the girl will be able to achieve maximum results. Observing all the principles, the girl will be able to achieve the desired appearance of the figure with minimal damage to her health. To stimulate yourself to lose weight, you should familiarize yourself with the photos of those who have lost weight before and after. The popularity of the kefir diet is due to the fact that the fermented milk drink has a whole list of useful properties.

It has the following positive effects on the human body:

  • improves metabolism;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • helps to improve overall well-being.

A diet on kefir for weight loss is a mono-diet. These weight loss methods are harsh. If you do not follow the established rules, the girl may face side effects.

Important! Before starting to comply with a strict diet, it is imperative to visit a doctor. The specialist will find out the presence of individual contraindications and determine the exact period of time during which you can follow the kefir diet.

The duration of a weight loss regimen can vary significantly. If a girl goes on a kefir diet for a short period of time, the correction of the diet must be supplemented with physical activity. Exercise will help keep your muscles toned and will also help prevent sagging skin and stretch marks as you lose weight rapidly.

Standard kefir diet

Understanding how much you can lose weight on kefir, the girl will find out that the weekly weight loss scheme allows you to lose up to 10 kg. Referring to the reviews and results of those who have lost weight, women of fashion found out that the method of body shaping is considered one of the fastest. Kefir diet for weight loss involves a rather meager diet. In order not to harm the body, the method cannot be used for more than 7 days. Every day you need to drink 1 liter of water and 1. 5 liters of kefir. Tea is allowed. If a girl cannot imagine her life without coffee, you can also drink it, but preference should be given to a less strong drink. The coffee must be ground. To improve digestion, the body must receive only natural substances.

If a girl decides to start following a kefir diet for 7 days, she will need to adhere to the following diet:

  • Monday - it is allowed to eat 4 potatoes, which can be baked in a peel or boiled, and washed down with 0. 5 liters of kefir.
  • Tuesday - you need to drink 0. 5 liters of kefir during the day, you can eat 400 g of cottage cheese with a minimum fat content.
  • Wednesday - it is allowed to drink 0. 6 liters of kefir and eat 0. 5 kg of any fruit with the exception of banana, pomegranate and grapes.
  • Thursday - drink 0. 5 liters of kefir and eat 0. 5 kg of chicken breast, which was previously boiled without skin, during the day.
  • Friday in a day you need to eat 0. 4 kg of fresh vegetables and wash them down with 0. 5 liters of kefir.
  • Saturdays - you can drink only mineral water without gas, but no more than 1. 5 liters.
  • On Sunday - drink 0. 6 kg of any fruit with the exception of bananas, pomegranate and grapes and 0. 5 liters of kefir.

In order for a person to lose weight, the daily food intake must be divided into 6 equal parts and consumed every 2 hours. The first meal should be at 10: 00, the last at 20: 00. To fall asleep faster, a girl can drink a glass of low-fat fermented milk product before going to bed. You should leave the diet gradually. The duration of the release should be at least the entire next week, after following the weight loss regimen. During this period, you need to add various cereals, fruits, vegetables and berries to the diet.

Kefir-curd diet

A kind of kefir diet is considered the toughest. Therefore, nutritionists categorically do not recommend sitting on this weight loss scheme for more than 5 days. The method is suitable for people who want to lose no more than 6 kg. Express diet involves the use of only 2 components - cottage cheese and kefir. With its help, the removal of excess fat from the body occurs quickly.

Important! The daily food intake can be divided into 5 meals. The daily diet should consist of 250 g of cottage cheese, the fat content of which does not exceed 9%.

In addition to it, you must drink 1-1. 5 liters of kefir. It is imperative to include additional fluids in the diet.

The girl can drink in unlimited quantities:

  • green tea;
  • Mint tea;
  • lemon balm tea;
  • rosehip broth;
  • still mineral water.

It should be borne in mind that it is worth leaving the diet gradually. In a different situation, the girl runs the risk of re-gaining the lost weight.

Kefir diet on buckwheat

Kefir goes well with buckwheat. A variation of the weight loss method can be used as a fasting day, since the method is adhered to for one to two weeks. It should be borne in mind that the recipe for a dish for weight loss is significantly different from the classic porridge preparation scheme. If buckwheat is being prepared for a diet, the cereal does not need to be boiled.

To prepare a dish, you must:

  • Pour boiling water over the cereal, and then drain the liquid.
  • Re-pour boiling water over the porridge and wrap the pan with buckwheat with a warm towel.
  • Leave the drenched dish overnight.

You can eat porridge in the morning. It is allowed to eat foods without salt, oil and sugar. The last product can be eaten 4 hours before bedtime. In this case, kefir must be drunk immediately before bedtime.

An approximate menu of a kefir diet with buckwheat is as follows:

  • breakfast - buckwheat porridge with kefir and one tablespoon of honey;
  • second breakfast - a fruit salad made from one apple and an orange;
  • lunch - buckwheat, two slices of whole grain bread and kefir;
  • afternoon tea - salad made from beets, cucumbers, carrots, and cabbage, herbal tea and apple or tomato juice;
  • dinner - kefir with buckwheat porridge. Just before going to bed, you need to drink a glass of fermented milk product.

Kefir diet for 9 days

If a girl wants to lose weight with a nine-day kefir diet, she must choose one of two options: gentle or strict. If a girl decides to stick to a strict diet, she can lose up to 9 kg of excess weight. The meaning of the method consists in taking low-fat kefir, which must be consumed in 1-3 and 7-9 days, and green apples, which are eaten during 4-6 days. During the day, you can eat any amount of the permitted product.

Such a diet is stressful for the body. After observing it, you need to take a break. Its duration must be at least one month. For girls who are not able to withstand such a tough diet, a more gentle option has been developed. It means a menu that includes other products.

The daily diet of a gentle kefir diet is as follows:

  • The first three days are allowed to eat rice and wash it down with kefir. In this case, the portions of the drink are not limited. You cannot eat more than 100 g of rice per day.
  • For the second 3 days, it is allowed to eat boiled chicken and drink kefir. As in the first phase of the diet, there are no restrictions on the amount of drink. Chicken should be cooked without skin, spices and salt. The amount of food eaten should not exceed 100 g per day.
  • For the last three days, it is allowed to eat green apples and kefir. The number of products is not limited.

Before you start observing the kefir diet, you should visit your doctor. Only a specialist is able to find out in advance how the human body will react to such a weight loss. Kefir diet without prior consultation can cause health problems.


Kefir diet is not always useful. There is a list of contraindications for which the use of the method is strongly discouraged.

When figuring out how many kg you can lose, you need to take into account that the kefir diet should be abandoned for the following problems:

  • renal failure;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • acute gastritis;
  • heart failure;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • cancerous tumors;
  • duodenal ulcer.

During pregnancy and lactation, keeping a kefir diet is also strongly discouraged. Kefir diet allows you to quickly lose those extra pounds. The main product of the slimming method saturates the body with useful substances and improves digestion. However, the method is a mono-diet. Sticking to weight loss for an extended period of time can lead to health problems. Therefore, experts advise to follow all the recommendations, as well as to get a preliminary consultation with a specialist.


  • Woman, 31: After the birth of my second child, I gained more than 20 kg. The classical methods did not help to get rid of excess weight. There were practically no results. I accidentally found out that you can lose weight on kefir. I decided to try the classic 7-day diet. Eating a strict diet hasn't come easy. However, I forced myself to endure the entire prescribed period. The scales showed the result on the second day of the diet. It took one and a half kilograms! Later I lost another 3 kg. I think this is a very good result. In the future, I plan to repeat the kefir diet.
  • Girl, 25 years old: I cannot limit myself in food for a long period of time. Therefore, I prefer to do fasting days on kefir. After them, lightness is immediately felt. I spend them every week.
  • Woman, 28: I am just planning to try and lose weight with a kefir diet. The diet seems pretty harsh, so I'm afraid to break. However, I still want to try. Hope I can do it.