What can you drink on a diet for 7, 14 and 30 days

Radical methods of dealing with excess weight are becoming more and more relevant among those who are losing weight. Many overweight people resort to gastric banding - a surgery to reduce its volume in order to lose weight by consuming the minimum amount of food they eat. There is a feeding system, also based on the principle of contraction of the stomach to a small size. It can be safely used at home, and the result in losing weight will be determined by how tough it is, how long it lasts, and whether the list of permitted products is followed.

What is a drinking diet

This is an effective weight loss technique designed according to the principle: drink everything, but eat nothing. The concept of "drinking diet for weight loss" is not the same as such weight loss systems as water diet, fasting days on liquids or medical fasting. This technique, in contrast to the above, does not exclude the consumption of any food, it excludes only the use of the chewing reflex. This means that all permitted food must be liquid, even watery.

With the help of sparse food, our body gets used to get satiated sooner, gets rid of the habit of eating up emotional hunger, due to which there is a quick and effective shedding of extra pounds. The main component of all liquid meals is water in large quantities. Together with other legal provisions, it dulls the feeling of hunger well and is absolutely calorie-free.

How to comply correctly

rules of adherence to a drinking diet

The liquid method of losing weight is rightfully called one of the most effective, but it does not prohibit the intake of substances vital for the human body from food - it does not exclude either proteins, fats or carbohydrates from the diet, it simply involves converting them into liquidconsistency. Not all products can be turned into liquid or puree (for example, meat), so it is worth stocking up on a complex of pharmacy vitamins and refreshing your strength with fresh vitamin dishes every day.

Pros and Cons

Although adherents of this method of losing weight present the liquid method as the best method for losing weight, its pros and cons are in equal position on the scales. The undeniable advantages of the system include:

  • complete cleansing of the body from food waste at the cellular level;
  • acceleration of metabolism by improving the work of the digestive tract;
  • constriction of the stomach and saturation with a minimum amount of food;
  • quick elimination of excess weight.

Those who lose weight using this method always experience its disadvantages:

  • it is very difficult psychologically to overcome the natural chewing reflex;
  • in the early stages, you constantly have to endure an exhausting obsessive appetite;
  • Frequent companions of the technique at the very beginning are constant fatigue, apathy, a feeling of dissatisfaction;
  • refusal from rough food and chewing habits is a strong stress for the body, which not everyone who wants to lose weight can cope with.


The classic version of the liquid diet is designed for a month - this is the most optimal period for complete cleansing and renewal of body systems. However, not everyone manages to complete the full course of the technique, so there are other, simpler, shorter and more sparing types of diet. The meaning remains the same, and the duration varies depending on the psychological mood of the losing weight person, his willpower and state of health. To get the best results from even the shortest liquid method, you need to know what to drink.

Drinking Day

what can you drink on a drinking diet

The easiest way to lose weight on liquids is to drink a day. In other words, this is a familiar and familiar fasting day. The most popular drink for such a one-day unloading is considered to be water with lemon, but you should not be limited only to it. The main thing is to drink, and what is not so important. It is better if it is a mono drink, although it is allowed to mix several types of liquid throughout the day. The daily allowance is 25-35 ml per kilogram of weight, that is, from 1. 5 to 3 liters. You can use the following drinks during unloading on liquids:

  • unsweetened tea of ​​any kind (black, green, herbal);
  • zero fat kefir or natural yogurt;
  • freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices;
  • compotes from berries, fruits or dried fruits.


This three-day unloading is essentially the same as the previous option, but in this case there should be three drinking days in a row. The requirements remain the same - we only drink, but we don't eat anything. Sugary, carbonated, concentrated drinks are prohibited. Everything should be fresh, natural, prepared with your own hands. A three-day liquid unloading menu might include:

  • tea, coffee (without sugar, but the taste of a bitter drink can be added with a few spoons of milk), compote;
  • vegetable and fruit juices, cocktails, smoothies;
  • low-fat dairy and fermented milk products (fermented baked milk is best used in minimal quantities due to its high fat content);
  • jelly - berry or oatmeal.

Seven Day

An effective, but difficult seven-day course of the liquid technique will help you lose one and a half kilograms per day. To diversify, slightly enrich the meager liquid diet, you can enter meat and fish broths in the menu for 7 days, but they should be cooked with the addition of a minimum amount of salt, because salty drinks, like salty food, retain fluid in the body and prevent weight loss. You can improve the taste of the finished broth with herbs, carrot or celery pieces.

exemplary drinking diet menu

Recommended drinking:

  • unsweetened teas, compotes, jelly;
  • dairy products and sour milk;
  • juices, smoothies, vegetable broths;
  • broths: meat (lean - chicken or beef) or fish.

For 10 days

Significantly improve metabolism, drinking a diet for 10 days will help to lose at least 10 kilograms. The first steps in this technique can be very difficult, but by the middle of the diet liquid food will become familiar and will saturate the body relatively quickly, though not for a long time. Therefore, it is better to stick to a healthy diet: eat more often, but limit the size of the portion eaten. The list of permitted ten-day drinking beverages is almost the same as short liquid methods. This:

  • any tea, coffee, compote, uzvar, jelly;
  • skim milk, kefir, natural yogurt;
  • vegetable broths, meat and fish broth;
  • freshly squeezed juices, vegetable and fruit cocktails.

For two weeks

While the weekly or ten-day liquid method can be walked relatively easily, the 2-week drinking diet is a little more difficult to walk through. The amount of nutrients received by the body is severely restricted, therefore, following such a diet, in addition to all of the above drinks, you should definitely include in your daily diet vegetable puree soups, cooked without spices, and then rubbed with a blender to a watery consistency. For their preparation, both fresh vegetables and store-bought frozen vegetable mixtures are suitable.

For a month

The most difficult and longest of liquid weight loss methods is a month's drinking diet. To endure such a long period of abstinence from coarse food, one must prepare both mentally and physically. It is impossible, without habit and preliminary training, to abruptly abandon the usual food, switching to liquid - this can threaten a breakdown, which entails the return of lost weight and health problems. You can drink anything on a monthly liquid diet that has a liquid consistency and is listed in all the lists above.


strict drinking diet for weight loss

Any liquid technique, regardless of its duration, can be called relatively tough, because in each of them solid foods are completely excluded from the diet. The most severe drinking diet is considered to be eating exclusively with water (fasting) and long-term nutrition with various liquids - a month or more. Liquid short-term diets, in which different drinks, vegetable and fruit purees, cocktails, decoctions, broths, grated soups are consumed, are considered less harsh and safe for health.

Choco Drinking Diet

Such an interesting and aromatic method of weight loss can be attributed to two groups of diets at once: drinking and mono-diets, because the only product that is allowed to be consumed on a shock-drinking diet is cocoa. Either boil it with a little low-fat milk, or simply dilute it with water without sugar or other sweeteners. You can try to sit on cocoa for one to seven days, experts do not recommend torturing the body anymore, because health becomes the payback for the lost kilograms with this approach.


A one-day liquid discharge does not require any specific dietary completion. A longer, serious liquid nutritional system must necessarily end with a competent smooth exit from the drinking diet. Over a long period of time on liquid, the digestive tract ceases to accept and process solid foods, so they need to be introduced into the diet gradually. The duration of the exit should be equal to two courses of the passed liquid feeding system.

In the first few days after going to breakfast, experts recommend limiting yourself to a small portion of liquid oatmeal, then keep your usual drinking diet throughout the day. Then you can try to include one light solid product in your lunch - a boiled egg, a slice of hard cheese, a cucumber salad, or an apple. After a week of such a system, one should switch to solid, low-fat food, gradually returning to a normal, previously familiar diet.


The liquid method is the simplest and easiest to prepare: the permitted products are used either ready-made or require minimal heat treatment. Most recipes for a drinking diet are all kinds of drinks, the preparation technology of which is familiar even to a child. It is a little more difficult to make a mashed soup, because here the vegetables must first be boiled, and then mashed with a blender. Since this technique does not have a clear menu, but allows you to focus on your own gastronomic preferences, everyone will have their own recipes.