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  • Recently, a huge number of different diets have been invented. Some of them represent the most real mockery of the body. Others are quite possible to use. To find what you really need, you need to thoroughly understand the essence of the problem.
    4 July 2021
  • Diet for pancreatitis, the main thing about pancreatitis, nutritional therapy for pancreatitis, what you need to exclude, what you can eat, an approximate menu.
    6 January 2021
  • What is a protein diet: the essence and basic principles. What is recommended and prohibited to eat.
    4 January 2021
  • Keto diet by day for a week, food by day, keto food - what you can eat, diet rules for keto, keto diet for the week - daily menu.
    2 January 2021
  • A set of physical and breathing exercises for losing weight on the abdomen and sides at home, the rules of the exercise. Helpful advice from trainers and nutritionists.
    2 January 2021
  • Dukan's diet for weight loss: general principles of nutrition, advantages and disadvantages, contraindications. The main phases of the protein diet with examples of menus for the week. Answers to frequently asked questions.
    2 January 2021