How to lose weight by 5 kg in a week

In today's world, most people are struggling with being overweight every day, which not only interferes with life, but brings up complexes and self-doubt in a person. Of course, this problem is more familiar to women, but the stronger sex of humanity also knows firsthand about the problem of obesity.

diet food for weight loss by 5 kg per week

To get a quick result in a week, people begin to stuff themselves with diet pills, torture themselves with hunger strikes and diets. Such methods lead to a sharp weight loss, but a few days after the diet, the fat returns, and even with good "bonuses" in the form of: abdominal pain, slow metabolism, intestinal problems, hormonal changes, etc. How to lose weight by 5 kg in a week at home using a diet without harm to the body? In order to properly lose weight in a week, and also not to feel discomfort after a diet, you need to remember a few rules of low-calorie nutrition, which, in combination with regular exercise, can give a tangible result after 7 days.

Diet choices for the week

To date, three nutrition methods have been developed that allow you to lose 5 kg per week - a starvation diet, a mono-diet, a protein diet without carbohydrates.

Protein food

A protein diet will help to urgently lose weight and not gain extra pounds after a diet. This food system has won the palm among diets, as it does not make you starve, is saturated with a variety of protein foods, is based on the use of white rabbit meat, chicken, turkey, lean fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products. Protein diet promotes fat burning, not muscle mass. Breakfast, lunch and dinner during this period should be no more than 150-200g.

It is important! Sitting on a protein diet for more than 7 days is fraught with problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Since a person eats only proteins, his body receives little fat and carbohydrates. Because of this, the intestines slow down their work. After a week of such a diet, a person can observe constipation, an unpleasant smell from the oral cavity, pain in the kidneys. Those people who have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system should refuse such experiments on their health.

During the period of the protein diet, one should not forget about physical activity, as they help speed up the metabolism, and also help burn calories faster.

"hungry" diet

A "hungry" diet is a kind of diet, which consists in a sharp decrease in the calorie content of foods consumed. Everyone wants to lose weight urgently, but not everyone thinks about the consequences of such a hungry "riot". The nutrition system for this diet is that the total number of calories eaten for breakfast, lunch and light dinner should not exceed 800-1200 kcal. At the same time, for a healthy diet, an adult needs to consume up to 2000-2500 kcal per day.

To effectively lose weight in a week on this diet, you must exclude from the diet:

  • flour products,
  • confectionery and sweets,
  • carbonated water,
  • pasta,
  • round polished rice,
  • potato,
  • sauces and mayonnaise
  • sausages and smoked meats,
  • pork,
  • canned food,
  • bananas, grapes, pears, plums,
  • alcoholic drinks,
  • fast food products,
  • fatty dairy products.

Looking at this list, a losing weight person will ask himself: "What should I eat to lose weight? ". In the "hungry" diet, it is permissible to use:

  • fresh vegetables,
  • unsweetened fruits and berries,
  • oatmeal,
  • lean fish,
  • white meat,
  • fat-free yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese,
  • freshly squeezed juices.

For breakfast, you can eat fruits with oatmeal, for lunch, stew or boiled meat with vegetables. A week of dieting will help lower the numbers on the scale, but the game is not always worth the candle. The results obtained are difficult to fix, often after such a diet a person gains even more weight. Also, one of the main criteria for losing weight at home is considered sufficient fluid intake. Nutritionists recommend drinking 1. 5 to 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day. At the same time, most of the volume of water should be drunk before the evening.

Practical advice. The volume of main dishes with a "hungry" diet does not exceed 150-200g. During the day it is recommended to eat fractionally, but often.

Breakfast "hungry" diet is to take oatmeal with fruit or a spoonful of honey. For a snack, you can bake an apple, without sugar and honey. For lunch, it is advisable to cook a light vegetable soup and a piece of boiled meat. An evening meal can be decorated with a vegetable or fruit salad. 2 hours before bedtime, if you feel a strong feeling of hunger, you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.


Mono-diet is one of the most popular methods of rapid weight loss. To quickly lose weight at home by 5 kg per week with the help of a mono-diet, you need a lot of patience. In addition, not everyone thinks about the consequences. A monotonous and low-calorie diet throughout the week contributes to the burning of not only fat, but also muscle mass. The mono-diet belongs to the group of the most stringent weight loss methods, since 1-2 products are allowed to be consumed per week of such nutrition.

The most popular products of such a diet are:

  • fat-free kefir and apples,
  • boiled buckwheat and kefir,
  • fruits and vegetables,
  • low-fat kefir and milk,
  • seafood,
  • oatmeal and kefir.

During this diet, one should not forget about the systematic use of clean water. When the body does not get enough calories, vitamins and trace elements, it must have enough fluid. The acceptable norm for drinking water is 1. 5-2 liters per day. Do not include tea or juice in this volume.

It is important! Only those who do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, kidneys, and liver can afford a mono-diet. People who are sick with diabetes mellitus, gastritis, stomach ulcers are strictly forbidden to conduct such experiments on their bodies.

So that easily dropped kilograms do not return, it is necessary to properly exit the diet. On the first day after the diet, you can’t eat up from the belly, as the calories received will instantly be converted into fat by the body. A weekly diet is a long-term stress for the body, which will not have the most favorable effect on health. In the first 2-3 days after the diet, you can include vegetable salad and a baked apple with honey, boiled chicken breast or vegetable soup in your diet.

Expert opinion

For proper weight loss, you need to understand that losing 5 kilograms per week for the body is abnormal and even dangerous in some cases. Subject to the principles of proper nutrition, a person should lose 3-5 kilograms of fat mass within a month.

Losing a lot of mass in a short period of time is possible either with a huge initial weight (90 kg or more), or with strict dietary restriction / starvation, combined with intense, exhausting workouts.

Protein nutrition can give a visible result, but it must be "diluted" as follows:

  • drink plenty of fluids to prevent constipation and stone formation;
  • eat foods rich in fiber, with a minimum of carbohydrates (various varieties of bran, cabbage, legumes, zucchini and cucumbers);
  • drink vitamin supplements (for their appointment, it is best to undergo a comprehensive examination by a doctor).

Fasting should also be carried out wisely - without fanaticism, that is, the decrease in daily calorie content should be smooth, otherwise breakdowns and jams cannot be avoided. Normally, the number of calories consumed per day should be reduced according to the following scheme: 2000-1800-1600-1400-1200-1000-1000 . . .

celebrity diets

Now let's look at how to lose weight by 5 kg in a week with the help of proven star diets. Each representative of the fair sex of mankind wants to look attractive not only for her man, but also for herself. The arsenal of well-known diets was supplemented by weight loss methods Angelina Jolie, Sophia Loren, Victoria Beckham. These celebrities revealed the secrets of losing weight to the whole world, now every woman has the opportunity to find out the diet of her idol.

Diet from Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's recipe for slimness is that her diet consists exclusively of protein and carbohydrate foods. The menu does not include fats. The star's breakfast is fruit and oatmeal. As a snack, she prefers soft cheese with a cracker. Lunch is necessarily a protein food, in the form of baked low-fat fish with vegetables. Dinner - baked vegetables with chicken, fruit salad.

Diet from Sophia Loren

The real shock to the public was the diet of Sophia Loren. The famous actress claims that durum wheat pasta helps her keep herself in shape. The diet lasts 3 days. At the same time, every day you need to eat 100-120 g of boiled pasta. As a side dish, you can eat salads from fresh vegetables. Be sure to drink a glass of orange juice or eat a fruit salad for breakfast. For an afternoon snack, Sophia Loren prefers fat-free cottage cheese with fruit.

Diet from Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a famous fashion designer and mother of four. Many will envy her slenderness. Victoria's diet is simple and accessible to every woman, especially since it lasts only 3 days. The main thing is to eat 4-5 times a day. Breakfast is whole grain toast and green tea. The second breakfast is a salad of apples, orange and kiwi. Lunch - stewed chicken breast with tomatoes, celery and carrots. Dinner - vegetable salad with shrimp. On the final day, you need to drink only plain water and grapefruit juice. Such a drink allows you to speed up the metabolic process, removes toxins and toxins from the body.

The singer's diet

The diet refers to rigid diets, because the total amount of calories per day should not exceed 500 kcal. This method of losing weight is designed for a maximum of 3-5 days. For breakfast, she prefers 200 ml of kombucha drink, fruit and oatmeal. Lunch - celery soup without salt and fat, which is prepared from tomatoes, celery root, pepper, Chinese cabbage and ginger. Breakfast and lunch should represent 70% of the total daily diet. Dinner consists of a fruit salad or a baked apple with honey.

Physical exercise

If you don’t know how to lose weight in a week without diets, then sports and an active lifestyle will come to the rescue. The main rule of a slender body is the absence of an excess of calories. All foods give us energy that we must use up. Therefore, healthy food and regular exercise is the right way to beauty and a slim body.

It is important! Not only adults, but also children should abandon diets for the benefit of their health. Adolescents require special attention. It is extremely important for a teenager to get enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates in his diet, as his body is in a phase of physical changes and growth. If the child is overweight, then it is necessary to lose it only with the help of physical activity and a balanced diet.

To lose 5 kilograms in a week without a diet, you need to spend up to 2 hours a day in the gym. In addition, you need to adjust your diet. It should not include:

  • bakery products,
  • sweets,
  • salty and fried foods,
  • smoked meats,
  • soda,
  • fast food.

Physical activity should consist of both strength and cardio exercises. The load on the heart muscle allows calories to be burned faster.

If a person wants to lose five kg in a week without a diet, he needs to regularly exercise:

  • running short and long distances
  • jumping rope,
  • cycling or rollerblading
  • swimming
  • aerobics or fitness.

We must not forget about strength exercises, which consist in lifting the barbell, dumbbells, push-ups, squats with weights.

Important! For 1 hour of physical activity, you need to drink at least 0. 5 liters of clean water. A sufficient amount of fluid in the body will allow fat to burn faster and be excreted in the form of sweat.

Going to the bath or sauna

There is an opinion that visiting a bath not only has a positive effect on the appearance of a person, but also improves metabolism. After a bath, a person allegedly can lose up to 2 kg of excess weight. This has its own truth, but it is worth understanding that it is not fat that is lost in the bath, but liquid.

The bath is contraindicated for those who have problems with the heart, blood vessels and kidneys. Do not expose your health to such experiments. If a person nevertheless decided to go to the sauna or bath during the diet period, then he needs to know a few rules:

  • tedious to give up alcohol, fatty, salty and smoked foods,
  • to lose weight, while in the steam room you need to drink enough plain water,
  • on the head must be a headdress,
  • if there is a slight dizziness, weakness or headache, you must immediately leave the bath.

To lose weight, some sports trainers recommend exercising after the bath. Relaxed muscles need to be toned with low frequency aerobic exercise. Such training allows you to include in the process of muscle work and excess fat. But do not forget about the sufficient consumption of plain non-carbonated water. Regular restoration of the body's water balance contributes to the rapid burning of calories. Reviews of those who have lost weight using this method are shocking, since in a month of such training it is possible to lose up to 4-5 kg.

As a result, nutritionists recommend adjusting the diet, speeding up the metabolic process through physical activity, drinking enough fluids and not forgetting about healthy sleep. Only an integrated approach to losing weight will give a noticeable result, and testing your body with strict diets is highly undesirable!

Reviews of those who have lost weight

  • Woman, 33 years old: "I really liked the protein and vegetable menu. I always loved vegetables, and chicken too. And the baked breast is generally chic! In what other diet can you find such a variety of dishes? On the contrary, almost the only lettuce leaf onyou have to shred for a week. At the beginning of the diet, the weight was 74 kg, after a week 71, after another week 68. So far, the results are only encouraging. The only thing that is difficult is to accustom yourself to drinking clean water. Well, I don’t like it somehow. And then, I’ve already got used to it in two weeks, sometimes I even catch myself thinking that I want to drink, which was not at all before.
  • Girl, 20 years old: "I clung to this diet like a drowning man at a straw. I thought that was it, this last one. It won’t help, it means it’s not fate, I won’t try anymore. but in the fact that everything returned. Kilograms themselves came and brought a couple of others. But what a miracle! My 6 kg left. They left and are not in a hurry to go back! Not only was it comfortable to sit on this diet, but also the result is holding. Thank you, to the one who developed it. I will regularly adhere to it and control the rest of the time. I hope to remain the same candy for the rest of my life. "
  • Woman, 45 years old: "Everyone who says that you can’t lose five kilograms in a week is mistaken. And I’m an example of this. It’s just that the initial weight for this should be like mine (104 kg). I went on a dietand really threw off 5. 5 kg in a week. Then I took a break and repeated the "feat". Now that my weight is 81 kg, it has become a habit to go on a diet from time to time. But the weight is already losing not a kilo a day, as before, but a gram400-600 each. And this is normal. The lower the initial weight, the better for the body is gradual weight loss. Otherwise, the skin will sag in folds. And I want to become a slender woman, not a sharpei. "