The most effective way to lose weight without harming your health

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Finding the most effective way to lose weight is the dream of everyone who has ever tried to get rid of a few extra pounds. It is desirable that it be quick, without consequences and effort. Dreams are dreams, but in reality it is impossible to combine all three conditions. And yet, if there is a desire, you can achieve harmony as soon as possible and without consequences.

Types of the most effective diets

There are an incredible number of quick ways to lose weight easily. Among these, the most popular are various diets with an emphasis on a particular type of food or the timing of their consumption. All of them will help you lose up to 5 kg per week.

Pierre Ducan's diet. Suitable for everyone who loves fish, cottage cheese and eggs and can easily do without fruits and simple carbohydrates.

Diet "Minus 60" for a sweet tooth. One of the few diets that allow the use of sweets. The main thing is to eat them before lunch, when the metabolism is accelerated.

Alternation. This method of losing weight involves the use of only one type of food during the day: vegetable or fruit carbohydrates, or proteins, or only liquids (juices, kefir). It is not recommended to sit on this diet longer than 6 days.

Don't eat after 18: 00. No matter how much nutritionists scold this way to lose weight, for many, it was she who became the path to gaining a slender figure. In order not to slow down the metabolism with long intervals between meals, it is recommended after 6 pm to still eat a low-calorie product (low-fat cottage cheese, apple) or drink a glass of juice (kefir).

Calculation of calories and the amount of consumed nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. The point is to consume slightly less energy than is required for the body to start consuming internal reserves. Smartphone applications have been created to facilitate the counting process.

Proper nutrition. First of all, this is the rejection of junk food and the transition to natural products. Elimination of fried, overly salty food and semi-finished products has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, accelerates the elimination of toxins, and most importantly, eliminates one of the main causes of weight gain - stress. It is it that makes the body accumulate fat even when consuming few calories.

Therapeutic fasting. Complete rejection of any calorie intake. Only clean water, cleansing procedures and mobility are encouraged. This is a serious test for the body, so you need to starve only under the supervision of doctors and in full compliance with technology. It is carried out for medicinal purposes, and not on a whim, otherwise irreparable harm can be caused.

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The principles of fast and healthy weight loss

The real way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you expend. Lying on the stove, finding a slim body will not work without harm to health. Eat more, exercise more.

Diversify your diet. Mono-diets are not only ineffective, they threaten to roll back to the previous kilograms, which will lead to a couple more extra ones. To avoid disruptions, include as many natural foods as possible in your diet.

Drink more water. If there are no kidney problems and high blood pressure, you should drink as much water as possible. Lack of water provokes a false feeling of hunger. The golden rule: "If you wanted to have a snack, drink a glass of water. "

Avoid intense hunger. The longer the break between meals, the more you end up eating.

The most high-calorie food is in the morning. Choose protein meals after lunch.

Food can be medicine. Introduce fat-burning components into the diet, which accelerate all life processes in the body. The leaders among such products are hot spices: ginger, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to steadfastly adhere to the chosen diet and not lose motivation while losing weight.

Weight loss assistants

The best way to lose weight is to attack the weight from all sides. In addition to diet, extra pounds will help to cope with: exercise, body wraps, massage, herbal extracts and turpentine baths. Separately, they are not as effective as in combination.

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Physical exercise

If you do not take into account the additional energy costs, physical activity improves body shape, gives it flexibility, improves well-being, endurance and general mood. Start every day by exercising. Simple side bends, squats, pull-ups will more than help you wake up, speed up your metabolism and tune in to a fighting mood. There is no better exercise for losing weight than running or walking. The second is recommended for obese people, because running in their position is fraught with injuries.


This complex of procedures well increases the temperature of the body surface, improves skin turgor, preventing it from sagging. Removes excess water, leveling the upper layers of the epidermis, stimulates its renewal. Massage the body with a coffee grounds and olive oil scrub, rinse and apply a fat-burning formula. It may include essential oils of citrus fruits, mustard, hot peppers, honey, clay, badyagi powder. Wrap the body with cling film and after half an hour wash it off, intensively massaging the skin with a special washcloth, massager or just with your hands, sparing no effort.

Herbal decoctions and infusions for weight loss

The use of phyto-drugs is an effective way to speed up the process of losing excess weight. Laxative herbs (senna, buckthorn, licorice, fennel) promote the early release and purification of the gastrointestinal tract. Diuretics (lingonberry, horsetail, angelica, plantain) relieve swelling and toxins. Flax seeds, marshmallow, angelica reduce hunger, and ginger, green tea, dandelion speed up metabolism.

Turpentine baths

Baths, taken according to the author's technology, effectively accelerate the metabolism, and with it the elimination of toxins, improve the flexibility of the musculoskeletal system, stimulate blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, and improve mood.

The psychological side of losing weight

In losing weight, the main thing is not to achieve a result, but to keep it. 99% of weight loss attempts are doomed to failure due to lack of motivation and inability to maintain the right mindset. Without eliminating the causes of excess weight, it is ineffective to deal with its consequences. Obesity and stress go hand in hand. Therefore, all rational ways to lose weight are based on getting rid of negative psychological factors. Good sleep, regular walks in the fresh air, a positive microclimate in the family and the absence of financial problems will make the process of losing weight very pleasant and invisible. You need to work on each item, no matter which way to quickly lose weight was chosen. Then at the end of the path you will find the figure of your dreams and will never return to extra pounds.

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