Diet Favorite: eat everything and lose weight

The Favorite diet is rapidly gaining popularity. This is due not only to the fact that it allows you to lose weight right before your eyes. It also helps cleanse the body and improve health.

It lasts only 7 days, however, in such a short period of time the results are amazing: in one week you can lose about 5-8 extra pounds.

It is notable for the fact that within a week you will gradually saturate the body of this or that food, so that there will be no lack of vitamins or nutrients. And this will have a positive effect on health.

The essence of the diet. Pros and cons of the method

Of course, there are quite a few effective diets that only last a week and show decent results. The effectiveness is comparable to the grapefruit diet, which also lasts 7 days.

So, let's take a closer look at what the Favorite diet is.


  • the diet is very easy to understand, even a person who is ignorant of this topic can easily figure it out and not get confused in the choice of products;
  • is ​​not only for getting rid of the hated extra pounds. With its help, you can free your body from accumulated toxins and reduce the volume of the stomach, which will greatly facilitate the transition to a healthy diet if you need to further lose weight or keep fit;
  • you don't have to count calories.

Disadvantages and contraindications

Every diet has contraindications and Favorite is no exception. It is considered quite strict.

After choosing this diet, be prepared for difficulties.

This concerns not only your willpower, but also your health. The body can react unpredictably to sudden and significant changes in diet. Even for a healthy person, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor or trainer before applying a diet.

Don't forget, staying healthy is much more important than losing weight quickly! When choosing a diet, focus on the state of your body. Diet is definitely not for you if you have diseases:

  • chronic
  • gastritis;
  • colitis;
  • kidney and liver diseases;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Also, it is not advisable for women to start a diet during pregnancy or menstruation, when the body is already weakened and vulnerable.


Provided that you follow a diet without breaking the rules and not breaking down, the result can be overwhelming: minus 7-9 kilograms. But remember that your body size also matters.

Vegetables diet

If you are overweight, the kilograms will go away faster. To speed up the process of losing weight, do not consume sweets, alcoholic beverages, or salt.

Principles to be followed

  1. Before starting a diet, prepare your body: in a few days, exclude from your diet everything "harmful" (fatty, fried, fast food, alcohol, baked goods). Eat more fruits and vegetables, get used to drinking more water.
  2. Before the first day of dieting, you should cleanse your body. Give an enema or take a mild laxative. This will help prevent feeling unwell.
  3. The diet should not be followed all the time. But, if your body has adapted well to it, you can try its longer variations, designed for 12-14 days.
  4. To speed up your metabolism and alleviate hunger, eat often but little by little.
  5. Drink more plain clean water without gas. It will help remove toxins, speed up metabolism. And warm water will dull the feeling of hunger.
  6. Eating broths on the right days will help avoid breakdowns.
  7. On vegetable days, do not forget about broccoli, it is low in calories and helps to speed up metabolism.
  8. Cut out yoghurts on a protein day. The high lactose content promotes fluid retention.
  9. Use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar diluted with water for salad dressing, this will improve the taste of dishes and help speed up metabolism.
  10. If you do exercise on your drinking days, drink soy milk during those days.

The diet should be divided into appropriate days

The diet is divided into several days, which are characterized by permitted food.

Drinking Day

Drink plenty of fluids on days 1, 3 and 6. This refers not only to water, but also various natural juices (preferably diluted with water to reduce concentration and not irritate the stomach), broths, dairy products (low-fat milk, kefir), unsweetened tea.

Alcohol, soda and high sugar drinks are prohibited. Remember that water is a priority on such days, it perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, drink 2 liters (or better, more) throughout all days of the diet. On drinking days, serious physical activity is contraindicated, rest more so that the body can more easily tolerate the diet.

The diet is split over several days

Vegetable Day

Day 2 of the diet is completely vegetarian. You can eat any vegetables. It is allowed to boil, stew or bake them, but eating everything raw is undoubtedly better, so your body will receive a maximum of nutrients and vitamins.

It is strictly forbidden to season dishes with mayonnaise or sour cream, use vegetable oil, lemon juice or vinegar for this purpose. Don't forget about cabbage, which is known for its fat burning qualities.

Fruit Day

On this day, you need to eat more fresh fruits (but not juices and compotes). Exclude banana and grapes, they are too high in calories. You can drink water in any quantity.

Protein Day

When the body can recuperate. Fish, seafood, meat, eggs (protein) and cottage cheese are allowed. You can eat any legumes (beans, lentils, peas).

Be careful, five meals will be enough. And physical activity is too early to resume.

Final Day

Transition to nutritious food from dietary. It is better to combine a diet of foods that were consumed during the entire diet. In this diet, you cannot swap the days and replace the foods presented on the menu.

Sample Menu

Day 1

  • for breakfast, you can drink unsweetened tea or low-fat kefir;
  • for lunch - unsalted chicken broth;
  • snacking is allowed with drinking yogurt;
  • for dinner - one glass of milk.

Day 2

  • You can have breakfast with a couple of small tomatoes;
  • For lunch, you can make a cabbage salad with cucumber and herbs. Use olive oil for dressing. But it is better to season with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (the calorie content will be less);
  • for a snack - a couple of fresh cucumbers;
  • dinner is allowed with cucumber salad with bell pepper;
  • Dinner should be light - it is better to fill the salad like at lunch (lemon juice, vinegar).

Day 3

  • for breakfast - herbal tea, a glass of milk;
  • for a snack - low-fat milk (1 glass);
  • you can dine with meat broth;
  • for an afternoon snack - a glass of kefir with 0% fat;
  • for dinner - herbal decoction.

Day 4

  • You can have a pear and herbal tea for breakfast;
  • half a grapefruit is suitable for a snack;
  • for lunch - a fruit salad of green apple, kiwi and orange;
  • You can have a snack with an orange;
  • for dinner - milk or kefir (no more than a glass).

Day 5

  • breakfast is allowed with a couple of boiled eggs;
  • for a snack today, you can eat boiled low-fat fish (no more than 200 gr. );
  • for lunch - boiled chicken breast;
  • for an afternoon snack - cottage cheese (150 gr. );
  • For dinner, you can have a couple of pieces of hard cheese.

Day 6

  • It is better to have breakfast with tea or kefir;
  • for a snack - a glass of freshly squeezed juice diluted with water;
  • Favorite diet helps to lose pounds
  • for lunch - meat broth (do not salt);
  • a glass of kefir is suitable for an afternoon snack;
  • for dinner - heated skim milk (1 glass).

Day 7

  • You can have breakfast with a couple of boiled eggs and tea without sugar;
  • have a snack with a green apple;
  • for lunch - any vegetable soup (250 ml);
  • An orange is good for an afternoon snack;
  • You can have dinner with a vegetable salad made from beets and carrots.

Correct "exit" from the diet

In order to maintain the new weight and not harm your health, you need to carefully monitor your nutrition after completing the diet, do not rush to return the old products to the diet. For several days, eat only healthy, wholesome food (fortunately, there are a great many such recipes).

It is advisable not to eat fast food, fatty foods, pastries, sweets. During the diet, you have taught your body to do without them.

Water still needs to be consumed in large quantities, good if it becomes a habit.

Reviews of those who have tried this diet for themselves. Is it worth it?

In general, the general background of the reviews is positive. Diet Favorite is recommended by most people who have experienced it for themselves. With her help, many women managed to get back in shape after the birth of a child, for someone to facilitate the transition to proper nutrition, or to quickly lose those extra pounds before an important event.

Yes, there are negative reviews, but everything is individual. Many write that the pounds lost quickly returned, however, they did not follow the principles of proper nutrition after completing the diet.