Simple but effective exercises for losing weight at home

Extra folds around the abdomen are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health hazard. According to an American study by the Women's Health Initiative, people with excess waist fat are 3 times more susceptible to cardiovascular disease than slender people.

Causes of the appearance of fatty deposits in the abdomen

Fat deposits in the abdominal area can accumulate for a variety of reasons. Among the most common are:

  • High amounts of trans fats and sugars in the diet. The World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than 6-7 teaspoons of sugar per day.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Hormonal changes, such as during menopause.
  • Stress. Under the influence of stress, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which can lead to a deterioration in the metabolism of nutrients. In this regard, fat begins to actively accumulate in the abdominal region.
  • Inadequate sleep (less than 6-7 hours a day).

Whatever the reasons for the appearance of excess fat, it is necessary to get rid of it only with complex measures. Along with lifestyle changes, special attention should be paid to specific exercises.

A set of effective exercises

abdominal slimming exercises

Before you start doing belly slimming exercises at home, you need to do a warm-up. This can be running in place, jumping rope, bending to the sides, squats.

Twist plank

It is necessary to stand on the side bar, resting one elbow on the floor. Slowly twist with the body down. Do 10-15 twists for each hand.

Leg raises

This exercise at home for losing weight on the abdomen is considered one of the most effective. You do not need special devices to perform it. For convenience, you can use a rug.

Take the starting position lying on the floor, on your back. Raise both legs at the same time to an angle of 50 degrees. Hold for 2 seconds and gently lower to the floor.

Raising the knees

The starting position is standing on the floor. For stability, you can rest your hand on the back of the chair. Raise your legs, bent at the knees, as close to your body as possible. Perform 10 times for each leg.

A bike

Take the starting position: lying on the mat, legs straightened, hands in the lock behind the head. Stretch your left elbow and right knee towards each other at the same time. Exercise the bike slowly, trying to feel the tension of the abdominal muscles.


You can perform the exercise while lying on your back or standing. Start from your own feelings of comfort. Exhale the air from your lungs, hold your breath for 2 seconds and draw in your stomach as much as possible. Hold this position for as long as you can. Over time, one contraction should last at least 20 seconds. Exhale slowly and relax your stomach. You need to do 10-15 repetitions.

The vacuum can be performed at least every day, the main thing is to train on an empty stomach and after a warm-up.