How to lose weight - Basic principles and rules

general principles and rules for losing weight

How to lose weight? In the presence of excess weight and its growth, measures should be taken to normalize it. And here you can hear, read and see a thousand or even more ways, including even special operations to remove fat or reduce the volume of the stomach.

The main rules for losing weight

How to lose weight? There are slimming drugs with different mechanisms of action. Some drugs block the action of enzymes that break down fat in our body, while others seem to absorb fat molecules from food and remove them from the body.

All these funds, especially when taken for a long time, can cause serious problems in the digestive system, so God forbid you to take them without consulting and without the supervision of a specialist doctor. The main disadvantage of all such drugs is that they only act for the period of taking the drug. When canceled, his dropped kilos are quickly returned.

There are many drugs and bio-supplements advertised for weight loss on the market and their number is growing. However, most of them are highly questionable. Manufacturers of these drugs more often prefer to invest money in advertising of funds, rather than in research of its effectiveness and safety.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the main principle and secret of losing weight and weight control is quite simple: you need to consume less calories and spend more of them.

Attention!There are only two natural and safe ways to control your weight: through exercise and through diet.

At the same time, weight control is relatively easy for some, while others have to work and suffer for months and years. The former can afford statements such as: "Excess weight is a sign of promiscuity and lack of self-discipline. "Secondly, such statements are only annoying.

Because weight can also depend to one degree or another on genetic and constitutional factors, which are not so easy to deal with. Nevertheless, there are universal rules and techniques for weight control that allow everyone to achieve more or less results.

In the modern world, most of the population lives with a relative abundance of food and food. At the same time, food is easily accessible for most, you do not need to get it, grow it, just went to the supermarket, wandered along the shelves full of various foods and products in bright and inviting packaging, got a full cart, gave money at the checkout and swallow it as much as you want, and how many will fit.

With the abundance, variety and easy availability of food and products, the majority of consumers develop a real "food addiction". People are addicted to food, high-calorie, fatty or sweet foods, like drugs. As a result, chronic overeating occurs with all the negative consequences for well-being and health, and excess weight is only an external manifestation of these negative consequences.

Hence the first step and rule is to break out of "food mania". Take self-control of your food. Listen to your feelings of appetite or hunger. Do not swallow anything that is horrible, just because you put it down and looks from the plate, or because it’s time for a snack or lunch. Listen to your inner feelings, whether you really want to eat, whether you really need to snack.

  • Rule 1.I only eat when I'm really hungry.
  • Rule 2.Never eat your fill. Listen to your feeling of hunger, it has passed - enough, I move the plate, I get up from the table. Sometimes you should stop eating even when you still feel like it. Often the eyes still want to, but the stomach is already full. Listen to the stomach and calm the greed of the eyes.
  • Rule 3.Weigh once a week and compare the balance reading with previous changes. If you notice that you are starting to gain weight, take the necessary weight control measures.

And that's it, you don't need to invent something overly advanced, you don't need to look for over-modern means, after which, as you stopped taking the drug, and started gaining weight again. This is pure swindle, the usual milking of money is going on, come to your senses, you are not a money machine and do not want pharmaceutical businessmen to profit from your health. So your harmony is in your hands, you just need to show character and obstinacy. Take action.